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Angelus A Sancto Francisco 1601 1678

Holy altar and sacrifice explain'd: in some familiar dialogues on the mass, and what may appertain to it: ... With an appendix, concerning saying mass in Latin, and of pronouncing the secret prayers and the canon with a low voice. By P. B. O.S.F
Angelus à Sancto Francisco, 1601?-1678.
London : printed in the year MDCCLXVIII. and sold by T. Lewis, and T. Meighan; J. Coghlan; and J. Marmaduke, [1768]

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A manuell of the Arch-Confraternitie of the Cord of the Passion, instituted in the seraphicall order of S. Francis ... together vvith many profitable instructions how Christians may satisfie for their sinnes by the meanes of indulgences ...
Angelus à Sancto Francisco, 1601-1678
At Doway : By Baltazar Bellere, 1654