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Werndli Johann Konrad 1656 1727

Lezekher 'olam yihyeh tsadik : to mnenosynon ai¯onion tou dikaiou. Or, the everlasting remembrance of the righteous. Set down in a funeral sermon, on the much lamented death of John Lee, Esq;. Who died at London the 16th of July; ... 1704. By J.C. Werndly,
Werndli, Johann Konrad, 1656-1727.
London : printed for Will. Rogers, 1704.

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Liturgia Tigurina, or, The book of common prayers and administration of the sacraments and other ecclesiastical rites and ceremonies usually practiced and solemnly performed in all the churches and chappels of the city and canton of Zurick in Switzerland ...
Evangelisch-Reformierte Landeskirche des Kantons Zürich
London : Printed for D. Newman, R. Baldwin, J. Dunton, 1693