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Catholic Church Controversial Literature Early Works To 1800

An ansvver to a discourse intituled, Papists protesting against Protestant-popery being a vindication of papists not misrepresented by Protestants : and containing a particular examination of Monsieur de Meaux, late Bishop of Condom, his Exposition of the doctrine of the Church of Rome, in the articles of invocation of saints, and the worship of images occasioned by that discourse
Sherlock, William, 1641?-1707
London : Printed for John Amery ... and William Rogers ..., 1686



Catholiick memory-boeck der Gereformeerde, gestelt tegen het Roomsch-memory-boeck der paus-gesinde. Waer in verhandelt werden alle de poincten der religie die in verschil staen tusschen de Ghereformeerde ende de Roomsche kerk. Zijnde een volkomen wederlegginhe van het Memory-boeck van Turano Vekiti ...
Cabeljau, Petrus, 1610-1668.
Leyden, Pieter Leffen, boeckverkooper ..., 1661.



Cavssa Helvetica orthodoxae fidei. Dispvtatio helvetiorum in Baden superiori coram dvodecim cantonum oratoribus & nuntijs, pro sanctae fidei catholicae ueritate, & diuinarum literarum defensone, habita cõtra Martini Lutheri, Vlrichi Zwinglij, & Oecolampadij peruersa & famosa dogmata

Expressum Lucernae [Lucerne] : [T. Murner], 1528



Ein christenlich Gesprech, von ainem Waldbrüder vnd ainem Waysen der von seinen vorgengern verlassen ist, die in solten leren vn[d] speisen, mit dem götlich¯n Wort des da¯n ist ain speiss [der] seel
Zierer, Wolfgang
[Augsburg : M. Ramminger, 1522]



Christianographie, or, The description of the multitude and sundry sorts of Christians in the world, not subject to the Pope : with their vnitie, and how they agree with the Protestants in the principall points of differences betweene them and the Church of Rome
Pagitt, Ephraim, 1574 or 5-1647
London : Printed by W.J. and N.O. for Matthew Costerden, stationer, 1636



The Council of Trent : plainly discover'd not to have been a free assembly by a collection of letters and papers of the learned Dr. Vargas and other great ministers who assisted at the said Synod in considerable posts ... published from the original manuscripts in Spanish ...
Geddes, Michael, 1650?-1713.
London : Printed for and sold by Ferd. Burleigh ..., 1714.



The defence of a certayne poore Christen man who els shuldhaue [sic] bene condemned by the Popes lawe

Nurembergh [i.e. Antwerp : S. Mierdman], 1545



A detection of the true meaning and wicked design of a book, intitul'd, A plain and easie method with the Deists. Wherein is prov'd, that the author's (Lesley) four marks are the marks of the beast, and are calculated only for the cause and service of Popery. In a letter to a friend

London : printed, and are to be sold by B. Bragge, at the Raven in Pater-noster-row, 1710.

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Dialogue upon dialogue, or, L'Estrange, no papist nor Jesuite, but the dog Towzer shewed in a short and plain dialogue betwixt Philo-Anglicus and Philo-L'Estrange

London : Printed for H.B., 1681



Dialogus sive Speculum ecclesie militantis
Wycliffe, John, d. 1384
London : Published for the Wyclif Society by Trubner, 1886



Die disputacion vor den xij Orten einer lobliche[n] Eidtgnoschafft na[m]lich Bern, Lutzern, Vry, Schvuytz, Vndervualden ob vnnd nidt dem Kernwalt Zug mitt de[m] sammpt vsseren Ampt Glaris, Basel, Friburg, Solathorn, Schaffhuse[n] vnd Appenzell : von wegen der Einigkeit in christlichem Glauben in iren Lande[n] vnd Vndterthone[n] der fier Bistumb Costentz, Basel, Losane[n] vnd Chur beschehe[n] vnd in dem Iar Christi vnsers Erlösers M ccccc vnd Xxvj vff den xvj Tag des Meyens erhöret vnd zu Bade[n] im Ergöw irer stattgehalten vnnd vollendet
Murner, Thomas, 1475-1537
Lutzern [Lucerne] : Durch Doctor Thomas Murner, 1527



Lucifers Sendbrief, an die vermeinten Geistlichen vor 140. Jaren geschrieben
Oresme, Nicole, ca. 1320-1382
Gedruckt zu Magdeburg : bey Christian Rödinger, 1550



Foxes and firebrands, or, A specimen of the danger and harmony of popery and separation the third and last part
Ware, Robert, d. 1696
London : Printed for Awnsham Churchill ..., 1689



The historie of the church, since the dayes of Our Saviour Iesus Christ, untill this present age : divided into foure bookes ... : divided into 16 centuries by all which is clearly shewed and proved, the antiquitie, visibilitie, and perpetuitie, of our church, ever since Christs dayes : collected out of sundry authors both ancient and moderne
Simson, Patrick, 1556-1618
London : Printed by Iohn Dawson, for Iohn Bellamie, and are to bee solde at his shoppe, at the Three Golden Lyons in Corne-hill, neere the Royall exchange, 1634



Iohannis Wyclif Tractatus de ecclesia
Wycliffe, John, d. 1384
London : Published for the Wyclif Society by Trübner, 1886



LXX Disputationes Theologicae Adversus Pontificios: ...
Hommius, Festus, 1576-1642
Lugduni Batavorum [i.e. Leiden, Netherlands] 1614



La politique du clergé de France, ou, Entretiens curieux de deux Catholiques romains : l'un Parisien & l'autre provincial, sur les moyens dont on se sert aujourd'huy pour destruire la religion protestante dans ce royaume.
Jurieu, Pierre, 1637-1713.
A La Haye : Chez Abraham Arondeus, 1681.



Popery, a great enemy to truth, no friend to peace, or civil-government which is fully made good by the ensuing discovery of the methods and ways whereby the papists promote popery in the world ..

London : Printed for Tho. Parkhurst, 1697



Popery anatomis'd : in a letter to a friend.

[London? : s.n.], Printed in the year, 1686.



Popery, or, The principles & positions approved by the Church of Rome (when really believ'd and practis'd) are very dangerous to all and to Protestant kings and supreme powers, more especially pernicious, and inconsistent with that loyalty, which (by the law of nature and scripture) is indispensably due to supreme powers, in a letter to a person of honor
Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691
[London] In the Savoy : Printed by Tho. Newcomb, for James Collins ..., 1679



Popery, or, The principles and positions approved by the Church of Rome, (when really believ'd and practis'd) are very dangerous to all and to Protestant kings & supreme powers, more especially pernicious, and inconsistent with that loyalty, which (by the law of nature and scripture) is indispensably due to supreme powers, in a letter to a person of honor
Barlow, Thomas, 1607-1691
London : Printed by J.C. and Fr. Collins, for James Collins ..., 1679



Popish fables, Protestant truths, and plot-smotherers displayed in a satyrical dialogue between Fly-blow, a Tory, Swift-heel, a Tantivy, Flash, a Brumegeum, See-well, a Whigg, Cross-truth, a papist

London : Printed for John Spicer, 1682



The praier and complaynte of the ploweman vnto Christe

Toronto ; Buffalo, N.Y. : University of Toronto Press, c1997



The Protestants evidence, taken out of good records : shewing that for fifteene hundred yeares next after Christ, divers worthy guides of Gods Church, have in sundry weightie poynts of religion, taught as the Church of England now doth : distributed into severall centuries
Birckbek, Simon, 1584-1656
London : Printed for Robert Milbourne, and are to bee sold at the signe of the grayhound in Pauls Church-yard, 1635



Reflexions upon the devotions of the Roman church with the prayers, hymns & lessons themselves, taken out of their authentic books, in three parts : this first part, containing their devotions to saints and angels, also two digressions concerning the reliques and miracles in Mr. Cressy's late church-history
Patrick, John, 1632-1695
London : Printed for Richard Royston ..., 1674



The Roman horseleech, or An impartial account of the intolerable charge of popery to this nation ... to which is annexed an essay of the supremacy of the King of England
Stanley, William, 1647-1731
London : Printed by R.W. for Ralph Smith ..., 1674



Rome's rarities, or, The Pope's cabinet unlock'd and exposed to view ...

[London : Printed for James Norris, 1684]



Eyn Sermon von dem hochwirdigen Sacrame[n]t des heyligen waren Leychnams Christi. Vnd von den Bruderschafften
Luther, Martin, 1483-1546
Wittenbergk [Wittenberg] : durch Johannem Grunenbergk [Rhau-Grunenberg], 1520



Varia doctoru[m] piorvmqve virorum, de corrupto Ecclesiae statu, poemata ante nostram aetatem co[n]scripta, ex quibus multa historica quoq utiliter, ac summa cum uoluptate cognosci possunt
Flacius Illyricus, Matthias, 1520-1575
Basileae [Basel] : Per Ludouicum Lucium, 1557



Von beider Gestalt des hochwirdigen Sacraments Gewisser Grund vnd vrsachen, Warumb man das H. Sacrament des Altars, anders nicht den[n] in beider Gestalt aussteilen vnd empfahen sol. Auch starcke beweisung, das die Bäpstische Com[m]union vnter enier Gestalt vnrecht, Vnd kein Christ, one nachteil seiner seligkeit, das Sacrament in einer Gestalt empfahen könne. Item widerlegung der vermeinten ursachen, damit die Bäpstler eine Gestalterhalten wollen, Sampt angehengtem Trost, für alle standhafftige Christen, so hiervber verfolgung leiden müssen
Opitz, Josua, 1543-1585
Getruckt zu Regenspurg [Regensburg] : durch Hans Burger, 1572



A word in season being a parallel between the intended bloody massacre of the people of the Jews, in the reign of King Ahasuerus and the hellish powder-'plot against the Protestants in the reign of King James : together with an account of some of the wicked principles and practises of the Church of Rome, demonstrated in their barbarous and cruel murders and massacres of the Protestants in the Netherlands, France, Ireland, Piedmont, the Albigenses, &c. : also shewing that the present Church of Rome is an apostate church ...
Care, Henry, 1646-1688
London : Printed for Francis Smith ..., 1679



Operum divi Cyrilli Alexandrini Episcopi tomi quatuor quorum postremus nunc recens accedit, ex graecis manuscriptis exemplaribus fideliter latinitate donatus ..
Cyril, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, ca. 370-444
Basileae : Apud Ioannem Hervagium, 1546