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Pn 1995.9 N4 M34 : MONOGRAPH; Maynard, Richard A   
      The Black man on film: racial stereotyping [edited by] Richard A. Maynard Vassar:-, USMA:, CRL:   1974
Pn 1995.9 N4 M35 2007 : MONOGRAPH; Manchel, Frank   
      Every step a struggle : interviews with seven who shaped the African-American image in movies / Fran USMA:   2007
Pn 1995.9 N4 M37 1994 : MONOGRAPH; Marcelline, Ashley   
      Ashley Marcelline's black film & video guide Vassar:-   c1994
Pn 1995.9 N4 M44 1996 : MONOGRAPH   
      Mediated messages and African-American culture : contemporary issues / Venise T. Berry, Carmen L. Ma Vassar:-, RIT:-, SLU:-   c1996
Your entry DVD PN1995.9.N4 M46 2002 would be here
Pn 1995.9 N4 M5 1994 : COLLECTION   
      Midnight ramble [videorecording] : Oscar Micheaux and the story of race movies / A Northern Light Pr RIT:-, Le Moyne College:, Adelphi:   1994
Pn 1995.9 N4 M53 1994 : MONOGRAPH   
      Midnight ramble [videorecording] : the story of the Black film industry / [a Northern Light Producti Union:   p1994
Pn 1995.9 N4 M68 2000 B : MONOGRAPH   
      Movies of color [videorecording] : Black Southern cinema. A portrait of independent African-American Colgate Univ.:   c2002
Pn 1995.9 N4 M87 1973 : MONOGRAPH; Murray, James P   
      To find an image : Black films from Uncle Tom to Super Fly / by James P. Murray Vassar:-, SLU:-, Pace:, Le Moyne College:, Adelphi:   c1973
Pn 1995.9 N4 N36 1988 Video : MONOGRAPH   
      Native son [videorecording] / directed by Pierre Chenal Canisius:   c1988
Pn 1995.9 N4 N37 1994 : MONOGRAPH   
      Native son [videorecording] / [presented by] Walter Gould ; released thru Classic Pictures Inc Union:-, Bard:-, Adelphi:   1994
Pn 1995.9 N4 N4 : MONOGRAPH; Nesteby, James R   
      Black images in American films, 1896-1954 : the interplay between civil rights and film culture / Ja Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, SLU:-   c1982
Pn 1995.9 N4 N6 : MONOGRAPH; Noble, Peter,   
      The Negro in films Bard:-, Le Moyne College:   1948
Pn 1995.9 N4 N6 1969 : MONOGRAPH; Noble, Peter,   
      The Negro in films Vassar:-, SLU:-, Pace:   1969
Pn 1995.9 N4 N6 1970  
      The Negro in films. Rensselaer:-, USMA:   1970
      The Negro in films Adelphi:, RIT:-   1970
Pn 1995.9 N4 N8 : MONOGRAPH; Null, Gary   
      Black Hollywood : the Negro in motion pictures / by Gary Null Vassar:-, Adelphi:   c1975
Pn 1995.9 N4 O44 1994 : MONOGRAPH; Ogle, Patrick.   
      Facets African-American video guide / compiled by Patrick Ogle. Rensselaer:-   1994
Pn 1995.9 N4 P37 1989 : MONOGRAPH; Parish, James Robert   
      Black action films : plots, critiques, casts and credits for 235 theatrical and made-for-television Vassar:-   c1989
Pn 1995.9 N4 P43 2008 : MONOGRAPH; Petty, Sheila   
      Contact zones : memory, origin, and discourses in Black diasporic cinema / Sheila J. Petty Vassar:, Colgate Univ.:   c2008
Pn 1995.9 N4 P48 1975 : MONOGRAPH; Pines, Jim   
      Blacks in films : a survey of racial themes and images in the American film / by Jim Pines Vassar:-, RIT:-   1975
Pn 1995.9 N4 P5 : MONOGRAPH; Pines, Jim   
      Blacks in the cinema: the changing image Vassar:-   1971
Pn 1995.9 N4 P68 1974 : MONOGRAPH; Powers, Anne,   
      Blacks in American movies; a selected bibliography, compiled and edited by Anne Powers Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, SLU:-, Union:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, Pace:, Adelphi:   1974
Pn 1995.9 N4 R33 1985 : MONOGRAPH   
      Race movies, the popular art of the 1920's [videorecording] / Anacostia Neighborhood Museum, Smithso Colgate Univ.:-, Rensselaer:-   1985
Pn 1995.9 N4 R43 2005 : MONOGRAPH; Reid, Mark   
      Black lenses, Black voices : African American film now / Mark A. Reid Vassar:, Rensselaer:, Union:, USMA:, Colgate Univ.:, Bard:, Siena:, Canisius:, Cazenovia:, Adelphi:   c2005
Pn 1995.9 N4 R45 1993 :  ; Reid, Mark   
      Redefining Black film / Mark A. Reid Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, SLU:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, Le Moyne College:   c1993
Pn 1995.9 N4 R45 1993 Eb : i; Reid, Mark   
      Redefining Black film [electronic resource] / Mark A. Reid Vassar:-, Le Moyne College:, RIT:   c1993
Pn 1995.9 N4 R47 1997 : MONOGRAPH   
      Representing Blackness : issues in film and video / edited with an introduction by Valerie Smith Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, SLU:-, Union:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, Canisius:, Le Moyne College:, Adelphi:   c1997
Pn 1995.9 N4 R52 1996 :  ; Rhines, Jesse Algernon   
      Black film, white money / Jesse Algernon Rhines Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, SLU:-, Union:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, Pace:   c1996
Pn 1995.9 N4 R54 1998 : MONOGRAPH; Richards, Larry,   
      African American films through 1959 : a comprehensive, illustrated filmography / by Larry Richards Vassar:-, RIT:-, SLU:-, Siena:-, Le Moyne College:   c1998
Pn 1995.9 N4 R58 2007 : MONOGRAPH; Robinson, Cedric J   
      Forgeries of memory and meaning : Blacks and the regimes of race in American theater and film before Vassar:, Colgate Univ.:, Adelphi:, Union:   c2007
Pn 1995.9 N4 R59 2000 : MONOGRAPH; Rocchio, Vincent F.   
      Reel racism : confronting Hollywood's construction of Afro-American culture / Vincent F. Rocchio Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, SLU:-, Union:-, Le Moyne College:, Bard:   2000
Pn 1995.9 N4 R64 1996 : MONOGRAPH; Rogin, Michael Paul   
      Blackface, white noise : Jewish immigrants in the Hollywood melting pot / Michael Rogin Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, SLU:-, Union:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, Pace:, Adelphi:   c1996
Pn 1995.9 N4 R67 1996 : MONOGRAPH; Ross, Karen,   
      Black and white media : Black images in popular film and television / Karen Ross Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, Cazenovia:, Adelphi:   1996
Pn 1995.9 N4 R93 2005 : MONOGRAPH; Ryan, Judylyn S.   
      Spirituality as ideology in Black women's film and literature / Judylyn S. Ryan. Colgate Univ.:, Union:, SLU:, Siena:, Bard:   2005
Pn 1995.9 N4 S165 1982 X : MONOGRAPH; St. Louis Art Museum   
      Black on black / [editing by Mary Steiner] Vassar:-   c1982
Pn 1995.9 N4 S2 : MONOGRAPH; Sampson, Henry T.,   
      Blacks in black and white : a source book on Black films / by Henry T. Sampson Vassar:-, Siena:-, Pace:   1977
Pn 1995.9 N4 S2 1995 : MONOGRAPH; Sampson, Henry T.,   
      Blacks in black and white : a source book on Black films / by Henry T. Sampson., Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, Bard:-, Union:, Canisius:, Adelphi:   1995
Pn 1995.9 N4 S531 1989 : MONOGRAPH; Sharp, Saundra   
      Black history film list : 150 films and where to find them : February, 1989 / [compiled and edited b Canisius:   c1989
Pn 1995.9 N4 S56 2006 : MONOGRAPH; Sims, Yvonne D.,   
      Women of blaxploitation : how the black action film heroine changed American popular culture / Yvonn SLU:, Colgate Univ.:, Adelphi:, Vassar:, Siena:   c2006
Pn 1995.9 N4 S6150 1997 : MONOGRAPH   
      Small steps, big strides [videorecording] / Van Ness Films in association with Foxstar Productions . Union:-   c1997
Pn 1995.9 N4 S62 1998 : MONOGRAPH; Smith, Valerie,   
      Not just race, not just gender : Black feminist readings / Valerie Smith Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, SLU:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, Pace:   1998
Pn 1995.9 N4 S65 1994 :  ; Snead, James A.,   
      White screens, black images : Hollywood from the dark side / James Snead, edited by Colin MacCabe an Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, Cazenovia:, Adelphi:   c1994
Pn 1995.9 N4 S74 2005 : MONOGRAPH; Stewart, Jacqueline Najuma,   
      Migrating to the movies : cinema and Black urban modernity / Jacqueline Najuma Stewart. Colgate Univ.:, Rensselaer:, Bard:, Vassar:, Union:, Siena:, SLU:, Cazenovia:, Adelphi:, RIT:   c2005
Pn 1995.9 N4 S77 1999 : MONOGRAPH   
      Struggles for representation : African American documentary film and video / edited by Phyllis R. Kl Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, SLU:-, Union:-, Siena:-, Rensselaer:-, Bard:-, Le Moyne College:   c1999
Pn 1995.9 N4 T38 1998 : MONOGRAPH; Taylor, Clyde   
      The mask of art : breaking the aesthetic contract--film and literature / Clyde R. Taylor Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, SLU:-, Siena:-, USMA:, Adelphi:   c1998
Pn 1995.9 N4 T483 2006 : MONOGRAPH   
      That's black entertainment [videorecording] / Revismedia, Inc. presents a Norm Revis production ; pr Colgate Univ.:   2006
Pn 1995.9 N4 T49 1989 :     
      That's Black entertainment [videorecording] / Skyline/T.B.E. Limited Adelphi:   1989
Pn 1995.9 N4 T5 1987 :  ; Thompson, Tracy   
      Blacks & American film/video / [compiled by Tracy Thompson] Adelphi:   c1987
Pn 1995.9 N4 T95 2003 : MONOGRAPH   
      Tyler, Texas black film collection [videorecording] : a special collection from the G. William Jones Colgate Univ.:-   c2003
Pn 1995.9 N4 W38 1998 : MONOGRAPH; Watkins, S. Craig   
      Representing : hip hop culture and the production of Black cinema / S. Craig Watkins Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, Rensselaer:-, SLU:-, Union:-, Siena:-, Pace:   1998
Pn 1995.9 N4 W45 2007 : MONOGRAPH; Weisenfeld, Judith   
      Hollywood be thy name : African American religion in American film, 1929-1949 / Judith Weisenfeld. Vassar:, Adelphi:   c2007
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