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Mark   Year
K 12 A9137 : SERIAL   
      Law and history review Vassar:-, SLU:-, Pace:, Canisius:, Le Moyne College:, CRL:, RIT:   1983-
K 12 A919 : SERIAL   
      Law and philosophy Vassar:-, Canisius:, Pace:, Le Moyne College:, Union:, CRL:, RIT:   1982-
K 12 A92 : SERIAL   
      Law and policy in international business Vassar:-, Canisius:, Pace:, Le Moyne College:, RIT:  
K 12 A9235 : SERIAL   
      Health care : policy, ethics, law CRL:   2000-
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K 12 A93667 : SERIAL   
      The Law quarterly review. Vassar:-, Union:-, Pace:, Canisius:   1885-
K 12 A9377 : SERIAL   
      Lawyer CRL:   1969-
K 12 E3 : SERIAL   
      Legal history CRL:  
K 12 E3575  
      Legal studies : the journal of the Society of Legal Scholars Vassar:-, Canisius:   c2002-
      Legal studies : the journal of the Society of Public Teachers of Law Vassar:-, Pace:, Canisius:   2001
K 12 E364 : SERIAL   
      Legislatif Jaya CRL:  
K 12 U5 : MONOGRAPH   
      U.S. Congressional serial set [electronic resource] SLU:   1789-
K 13 A43 : SERIAL   
      Magazin der Gesetzgebung, besonders in den Königl. Preussischen Staaten [microform] CRL:   1782
K 13 A46 : SERIAL   
      Majalah Fakultas Hukum Universitas Airlangga CRL:   1980-
K 13 A486 : SERIAL   
      Current law journal : CLJ CRL:   1988-
K 13 I35  
      Michigan law review [electronic resource] Siena:, Pace:, Adelphi:, SLU:   1902-
      Mr. Justice William Johnson and the common incidents of life / A.J. Levin Bard:  
K 13 M353 : SERIAL   
      Magazin für Rechtsgelehrte und Geschichtsforscher [microform] CRL:   1775
K 13 O539 : SERIAL   
      Moot point : legal review CRL:   1997-
K 13 O54 : SERIAL   
      Mooter : journal of the Moot Society, Sri Lanka Law College CRL:   1984-
K 13 O7  
      Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriia 10, Pravo CRL:   1965
      Vestnik Moskovskogo universiteta. Seriia XI: Pravo Union:-, CRL:  
K 14  
      Law and politics in the Middle Ages : an introduction to the sources of medieval political ideas / b Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, Bard:-, USMA:, Canisius:, Adelphi:   1975
      Nep¯ala k¯an¯una patrik¯a [microform] CRL:  
K 14 E79 :     
      New England journal on criminal and civil confinement RIT:-, Pace:, Canisius:, RIT:   c1983-
K 14 E935 : SERIAL   
      New York Law School journal of international and comparative law Pace:, Canisius:   c1983-
K 14 E963  
      Bulletin. Union:-  
      Journal / New York State Bar Association. Union:-   c2000-
K 14 I38 : SERIAL   
      Nihon h¯ogaku CRL:  
K 14 U25 : SERIAL   
      Nuclear law bulletin Vassar:-, Canisius:, Pace:, RIT:  
K 14 Y29 : SERIAL   
      Ny¯aya-prat¯ika CRL:   1982-
K 15  
      Oxford journal of legal studies [electronic resource] Siena:, Pace:, Adelphi:, SLU:   1981-
      Village "contracts" in Tokugawa Japan : fifty specimens with English translations and comments / [co Colgate Univ.:-, Pace:   1975
K 15 X47 : SERIAL   
      Oxford journal of legal studies Vassar:-, Pace:, Canisius:, Le Moyne College:, RIT:   1981-
K 15 Z Cary :  ; Kampmann, Carl,   
      Zur Geschichte und Technik der lithographischen und chemigraphischen Verfahren; Mit einer Einleitung RIT:-   1918
K 16 055 : i   
      Political science journals (Basic) [electronic resource] Colgate Univ.:  
K 16 A225 : SERIAL   
      Pace environmental law review Vassar:-, Pace:, Canisius:, RIT:   1983-
K 16 A23 : SERIAL   
      Pace law review Vassar:-, Pace:, Canisius:, RIT:   c1980-
K 16 A27 : SERIAL   
      Padjadjaran : majalah ilmu hukum dan pengetahuan masyarakat CRL:  
K 16 A38 : SERIAL; Pakistan Bar Council   
      Journal CRL:  
K 16 A44 2005 Eb : i   
      The Palestine yearbook of international law [electronic resource] . Vol. XII, 2002/2003 RIT:   2005
K 16 O655 : SERIAL   
      Popular jurist CRL:   1984-
K 16 R24 : SERIAL   
      Pr¯aksisa jarn¯ala CRL:   1979-
K 16 R314 : SERIAL   
      Pravna misul CRL:  
K 16 R43 : SERIAL   
      Pravo Ukraïny : iurydychnyi zhurnal CRL:  
K 16 U23 : SERIAL   
      Public utilities fortnightly. Union:-, Canisius:   c1994-
K 16 U23 Suppl : SERIAL   
      Fortnightly's energy customer management. Union:-   c2003
K 16 U24 X : SERIAL   
      Public law Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, Pace:  
K 16 U265 : SERIAL   
      Publikasi / oleh Yayasan LKB Jakarta CRL:   1978-
K 16 U52 : SERIAL   
      Punjab University law journal CRL:  
K 17 D Ocry :  ; Kapr, Albert   
      Deutsche Schriftkunst : ein Fachbuch fur Schriftschaffende / von Albert Kapr ; Versuch einer neunen RIT:-   1955
K 17 S Cary :  ; Kapr, Albert   
      Schriftkunst : Geschichte, Anatomie und Schonheit der hateinischen Buchstaben. -- RIT:-   1971
K 18 : SERIAL   
      The Gold Coast assize [microform] CRL:  
K 18 A34 : SERIAL   
      Radianske pravo CRL:  
K 18 A35 : SERIAL   
      Rajshahi University law review / Department of Law, Rajshahi University CRL:  
K 18 E35 : SERIAL   
      Rechtstheorie CRL:  
K 18 E833 : SERIAL   
      Research in accounting regulation RIT:-, USMA:, Canisius:, Cazenovia:   c1987-
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