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K 3150 V56 : MONOGRAPH; Vining, Joseph,   
      Legal identity : the coming of age of public law / Joseph Vining Colgate Univ.:-, RIT:-, Pace:   1978
K 3154 L3 X : MONOGRAPH; Laing, Lionel Hassell   
      Source book in European governments [by] Lionel H. Laing [and others] Vassar:-, Pace:, Le Moyne College:, Adelphi:   1950
K 3157 A2 B58 1971 : MONOGRAPH   
      Constitutions of the countries of the world; a series of updated texts, constitutional chronologies Canisius:, Pace:, Adelphi:   1971-
K 3157 A2 B6 : MONOGRAPH   
      Independence documents of the world / [compiled] by Albert P. Blaustein, Jay Sigler, Benjamin R. Bee Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, Union:-, Pace:   1977
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K 3157 E5 A8 X : MONOGRAPH; Asian-African Legal Consultative Committee   
      Constitutions of Asian countries Vassar:-, USMA:   1968
K 3157 E5 C66 : MONOGRAPH   
      The Constitutions of the Communist world / edited by William B. Simons Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, Canisius:, Pace:, Adelphi:   1980
K 3157 E5 C67 1988 : MONOGRAPH   
      Constitutions that made history / edited and with an introduction by Albert P. Blaustein, Jay A. Sig Siena:-, Pace:, Adelphi:   c1988
K 3157 E5 F56 1995 : MONOGRAPH; Finer, S. E.   
      Comparing constitutions / S.E. Finer, Vernon Bogdanor, and Bernard Rudden Colgate Univ.:-, Union:-, Siena:-, Pace:   1995
K 3157 E5 M33 1995 : MONOGRAPH; Maddex, Robert L.,   
      Constitutions of the world / Robert L. Maddex Vassar:-, RIT:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, USMA:, Canisius:, Le Moyne College:, Adelphi:   c1995
K 3157 E5 M33 2001 : MONOGRAPH; Maddex, Robert L.,   
      Constitutions of the world / Robert L. Maddex Colgate Univ.:-, Canisius:, Pace:   c2001
K 3157 E5 P4 1965 : MONOGRAPH; Peaslee, Amos Jenkins,   
      Constitutions of nations, by Amos J. Peaslee. Union:-   1970
K 3157 E5 W64 : MONOGRAPH; Wolf-Phillips, Leslie,   
      Constitutions of modern states USMA:   1968
K 3157 W75 1974 : MONOGRAPH; Wright, Herbert Francis,   
      The constitutions of the States at war, 1914-1918 / [edited by Herbert F. Wright] USMA:   1974
K 3161 A3 1983 B :     
      Constitution makers on constitution making : the experience of eight nations / edited by Robert A. G RIT:-, Pace:, Adelphi:   c1988
K 3161 B76 : MONOGRAPH; Brownson, Orestes Augustus,   
      The American Republic [electronic resource] : constitution, tendencies, and destiny / by O.A. Browns Le Moyne College:  
K 3161 B78 2007 : MONOGRAPH; Brundage, Anthony,   
      The great tradition : constitutional history and national identity in Britain and the United States, Union:, Colgate Univ.:, Pace:, Siena:   2007
K 3161 G73 2002 : MONOGRAPH; Graham, John Remington,   
      A constitutional history of secession / by John Remington Graham ; foreword by Donald Livingston. Siena:-, Pace:   2002
K 3161 S45 2003 : MONOGRAPH; Sellers, M. N. S   
      Republican legal theory : the history, constitution and purposes of law in a free state / M.N.S. Sel USMA:, Canisius:, Pace:   2003
K 3161 T53 1982 : MONOGRAPH; Tierney, Brian   
      Religion, law, and the growth of constitutional thought, 1150-1650 / Brian Tierney Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, Siena:-, USMA:, Canisius:, Pace:, Adelphi:   c1982
K 3161 U55 : MONOGRAPH   
      Declaration of Rights (1765) [electronic resource] / by Various Le Moyne College:  
K 3165 A55 1988 : MONOGRAPH   
      Constitutions in democratic politics / edited by Vernon Bogdanor Colgate Univ.:-, Pace:   c1988
K 3165 A55 1989 : MONOGRAPH   
      Forging unity out of diversity : the approaches of eight nations / edited by Robert A. Goldwin, Art Colgate Univ.:-, Union:-, Pace:, Adelphi:   c1989
K 3165 A58 G760 : MONOGRAPH; Groves, Harry E.   
      Comparative constitutional law: cases and materials [by] Harry E. Groves. Union:-   1963
K 3165 A6 R44 2004 : MONOGRAPH; Regional Seminar of Asian Constitutional Court Judges   
      Promoting and strengthening the rule of law through constitutional jurisdiction : Second Regional Se CRL:   c2005
K 3165 B74 2004  
      The communitarian constitution / Beau Breslin Vassar:-, Colgate Univ.:-, USMA:, Pace:, Le Moyne College:   c2004
      The communitarian constitution / Beau Breslin. Union:   c2004
K 3165 B78 2004 : MONOGRAPH; Brudner, Alan   
      Constitutional goods / Alan Brudner USMA:   2004
K 3165 B785 2007 : MONOGRAPH; Brudner, Alan   
      Constitutional goods / Alan Brudner Canisius:, Pace:   2007
K 3165 C45 1997 : MONOGRAPH; Chirkin, Veniamin Evgenevich   
      Konstitutsionnoe pravo zarubezhnykh stran : uchebnik / V.E. Chirkin CRL:   1997
K 3165 C6 : MONOGRAPH   
      Constitutionalism / ed. by J. Roland Pennock and John W. Chapman Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, Union:-, Siena:-, USMA:, Canisius:, Pace:, Adelphi:   1979
K 3165 C628 1998 : MONOGRAPH   
      Constitutionalism : philosophical foundations / edited by Larry Alexander Colgate Univ.:-, Union:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, USMA:, Pace:   1998
K 3165 E8 1903 : MONOGRAPH; Esmein, A.   
      Éléments de droit constitutionnel français et comparé / par A. Esmein Vassar:-   1903
K 3165 F65 1989 : MONOGRAPH; Foley, Michael,   
      The silence of constitutions : gaps, "abeyances," and political temperament in the maintenance of go Vassar:-, SLU:-, USMA:, Pace:, Le Moyne College:   1989
K 3165 H377 2002 : MONOGRAPH; Hassall, Graham   
      Asia-Pacific constitutional systems / Graham Hassall, Cheryl Saunders Vassar:-, Pace:   2002
K 3165 I58 2006 : MONOGRAPH   
      Interpreting constitutions : a comparative study / edited by Jeffrey Goldsworthy Pace:, Vassar:, Canisius:   2006
K 3165 J33 1993 : MONOGRAPH; Jacobsohn, Gary J.,   
      Apple of gold : constitutionalism in Israel and the United States / Gary Jeffrey Jacobsohn Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, Pace:   c1993
K 3165 J33 1994 : MONOGRAPH; Jacobsohn, Gary J.,   
      Apple of gold : constitutionalism in Israel and the United States / Gary Jeffrey Jacobsohn Canisius:   1994
K 3165 M33 2008 : MONOGRAPH; Maddex, Robert L.,   
      Constitutions of the world / by Robert L. Maddex. Pace:, Union:   c2008
K 3165 M39 2002 : MONOGRAPH; McHugh, James T.,   
      Comparative constitutional traditions / James T. McHugh Colgate Univ.:-   c2002
K 3165 N4413 1999 : MONOGRAPH; Negri, Antonio,   
      Insurgencies : constituent power and the modern state / Antonio Negri ; translated by Maurizia Bosca Bard:, RIT:   c1999
K 3165 O43 2005 : MONOGRAPH; Oliver, Peter C.   
      The constitution of independence : the development of constitutional theory in Australia, Canada, an Vassar:, Pace:   2005
K 3165 P474 2003 : MONOGRAPH; Persson, Torsten   
      The economic effects of constitutions / Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini USMA:, SLU:, Vassar:   c2003
K 3165 P474 2005 : MONOGRAPH; Persson, Torsten.   
      The economic effects of constitutions / Torsten Persson and Guido Tabellini. Bard:, Union:   2005
K 3165 S2513 1999 : MONOGRAPH; Sajó, András   
      Limiting government : an introduction to constitutionalism / András Sajó ; foreword by Stephen Holme Colgate Univ.:-, Union:-, USMA:   1999
K 3165 S39 2007 : MONOGRAPH; Schweber, Howard H   
      The language of liberal constitutionalism / Howard Schweber Pace:, Colgate Univ.:   2007
K 3165 S545 1994 : MONOGRAPH; Siegan, Bernard H   
      Drafting a constitution for a nation or republic emerging into freedom / Bernard H. Siegan Union:-, Canisius:, Pace:   c1994
K 3165 S86 2001 : MONOGRAPH; Sunstein, Cass R   
      Designing democracy : what constitutions do / Cass R. Sunstein Vassar:-, SLU:-, Colgate Univ.:-, Union:-, Bard:-, USMA:, Canisius:, Pace:, Cazenovia:, RIT:   2001
K 3165 T54 2004 : MONOGRAPH; Tierney, Stephen   
      Constitutional law and national pluralism / Stephen Tierney USMA:   2004
K 3165 U38 2005 Eb : i; Uitz, Renáta   
      Constitutions, courts, and history [electronic resource] : historical narratives in constitutional a Pace:, RIT:   2005
K 3165 Z647 1995 : MONOGRAPH; Zoethout, Carla M   
      Constitutionalisme : een vergelijkend onderzoek naar het beperken van overheidsmacht door het recht CRL:   1995
K 3165 Z9 Z56 1991 : MONOGRAPH; Zines, Leslie   
      Constitutional change in the Commonwealth : the Commonwealth lectures delivered at the University of USMA:   1991
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