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Q 175.37 G78 1995 : MONOGRAPH; Grayson, Lesley.   
      Scientific deception : an overview and guide to the literature of misconduct and fraud in scientific Rensselaer:-   c1995
Q 175.37 J84 2004 : MONOGRAPH; Judson, Horace Freeland   
      The great betrayal : fraud in science / Horace Freeland Judson SLU:-, Union:-, RIT:-, USMA:, Colgate Univ.:, Siena:, Canisius:, Bard:, Le Moyne College:, Cazenovia:, Pace:   c2004
Q 175.37 S65 2000 : MONOGRAPH   
      The Sokal hoax : the sham that shook the academy / edited by the editors of Lingua franca Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, SLU:-, RIT:-, Union:-, USMA:, Canisius:, Le Moyne College:, RIT:   c2000
Q 175.4  
      4S review [electronic resource] : journal of the Society for Social Studies of Science Vassar:-, Siena:-, Canisius:, Le Moyne College:, Union:   1985
      Science & technology studies [electronic resource] Vassar:-, Siena:-, Canisius:, Le Moyne College:, Adelphi:, Union:, Pace:, RIT:   1987
      Science, technology, & human values [electronic resource] Siena:-, Adelphi:, Vassar:-, Pace:   1978-
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Q 175.4 B84 : SERIAL   
      Bulletin of science, technology & society Vassar:-, USMA:-, Rensselaer:, Canisius:, RIT:   c1981-
Q 175.4 C36 1981 : MONOGRAPH; Canadian Student Pugwash.   
      Science in society : its freedom and regulation : selected material from the First National Conferen Rensselaer:-   c1982
Q 175.4 C64 1989 :     
      The Cognitive turn : sociological and psychological perspectives on science / edited by Steve Fuller Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-   1989
Q 175.4 D76 1989 : MONOGRAPH; Droits de L'homme and Scientific Progress   
      Les Droits de L'homme and Scientific Progress : symposium summary ; [prepared by Keens Company ; pro Bard:-, Le Moyne College:   1989
Q 175.4 E34 1979 : MONOGRAPH; Edison Centennial Symposium   
      Science, technology, and the human prospect : proceedings of the Edison Centennial Symposium / edite Vassar:-, Rensselaer:-, Pace:   c1980
Q 175.4 F42 : MONOGRAPH   
      Fear of science--trust in science : conditions for change in the climate of opinion / edited by Andr Colgate Univ.:-, Rensselaer:-   c1980
Q 175.4 I54 : MONOGRAPH   
      The Impact of modern scientific ideas on society : in commemoration of Einstein / edited by Colette Rensselaer:-   c1981
Q 175.4 I57 1973 : MONOGRAPH; International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences   
      Modern science and moral values : proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Unity of Bard:-, Canisius:   c1973
Q 175.4 I57 1974 : MONOGRAPH; International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences   
      Science and absolute values : proceedings of the third International Conference on the Unity of the Colgate Univ.:-, Rensselaer:-   c1974
Q 175.4 I57 1975 : MONOGRAPH; International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences   
      The centrality of science and absolute values : proceedings of the fourth International Conference o Canisius:   c1975
Q 175.4 I597 1977 : MONOGRAPH; International Sociology of Science Conference   
      Sociology of science and research / edited by Janos Farkas. Rensselaer:-   1979
Q 175.4 J6 X 1984 : MONOGRAPH; Joint International Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science   
      Scientific knowledge socialized : selected proceedings of the 5th Joint International Conference on Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, Le Moyne College:   c1988
Q 175.4 N6 1975 : MONOGRAPH; Nobel Conference   
      The future of science : 1975 Nobel Conference / contributors, Sir John Eccles ... [et al.] ; edited Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, USMA:, Pace:   c1977
Q 175.4 N63 1983 : MONOGRAPH; Nobel Symposium   
      Progress in science and its social conditions : Nobel Symposium 58, held at Lidingö, Sweden, 15-19 A Colgate Univ.:-, USMA:   1986
Q 175.4 P64 : SERIAL   
      PPST bulletin : patriotic & people-oriented science & technology bulletin CRL:  
Q 175.4 R32 : SERIAL   
      Radical science journal Vassar:-, Rensselaer:-  
Q 175.4 S28 : SERIAL   
      Science and people CRL:  
Q 175.4 S32 1975 : MONOGRAPH   
      Science and society : past, present, and future / edited by Nicholas H. Steneck Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, SLU:-, Siena:-, USMA:, Pace:, Adelphi:   1975
Q 175.4 S32 1976 :     
      Science and society : past, present, and future / edited by Nicholas H. Steneck RIT:-   1976
Q 175.4 S322 : MONOGRAPH   
      Science between culture and counter-culture / by C. I. Dessaur ... [et al.] RIT:-, Le Moyne College:   1975
Q 175.4 S323 1984 : MONOGRAPH   
      Science and technology in the transformation of the world / edited by Miroslav Pecujlic, Gregory Blu Colgate Univ.:-, Rensselaer:-, SLU:-, USMA:   1984
Q 175.4 S33 : SERIAL   
      Science as culture Vassar:-, Rensselaer:-, Canisius:   1987-
Q 175.4 S365 : SERIAL   
      Science, technology & human values Colgate Univ.:-, RIT:-, SLU:-, Union:-, USMA:-, SLU:, Canisius:, Le Moyne College:, CRL:, RIT:   c1978-
Q 175.4 S37 : MONOGRAPH   
      Science, technology, and culture. Edited by Henry John Steffens and H. N. Muller, III Colgate Univ.:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, Union:-, USMA:   1974
Q 175.4 S388 1984 : MONOGRAPH   
      Scientific rationality : the sociological turn / James Robert Brown Vassar:-, Rensselaer:-   c1984
Q 175.4 S39 : MONOGRAPH   
      Scientists in search of their conscience [by] Raymond Aron [and others] Edited by Anthony R. Michael USMA:, Siena:, Adelphi:   1973
Q 175.4 S6 : MONOGRAPH   
      The Social implications of the scientific and technological revolution : a Unesco symposium Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, Pace:   1981
Q 175.4 S6 X : MONOGRAPH   
      The Social Assessment of Science : proceedings / E. Mendelsohn, D. Nelkin, P. Weingart, eds. Rensselaer:-   1978
Q 175.4 S62 1974 : MONOGRAPH   
      Social processes of scientific development / edited by Richard Whitley Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-   1974
Q 175.4 S94 1979 : MONOGRAPH; Symposium on the Role of Science and Technology in Solving Global Problems   
      Science, technology, and global problems : proceedings of the Symposium on the Role of Science and T USMA:   c1979
Q 175.4 W65 1974 : MONOGRAPH; World Congress of Sociology   
      Scientific-technological revolution : social aspects / with contributions by Ralf Dahrendorf ... (et Rensselaer:-   1977
Q 175.46 F85 2003 : MONOGRAPH; Fuller, Steve,   
      Kuhn vs. Popper : the struggle for the soul of science / Steve Fuller Colgate Univ.:-, RIT:   2003
Q 175.46 F85 2004 : MONOGRAPH; Fuller, Steve,   
      Kuhn vs. Popper : the struggle for the soul of science / Steve Fuller Rensselaer:-, Bard:-, SLU:-, Vassar:-, Union:-, USMA:   c2004
Q 175.46 I47 2006 : MONOGRAPH   
      Imperialism and science : social impact and interaction / George N. Vlahakis ... [et al.]. USMA:   c2006
Q 175.46 L46 1997 : MONOGRAPH; Lenoir, Timothy,   
      Instituting science : the cultural production of scientific disciplines / Timothy Lenoir Colgate Univ.:-, Rensselaer:-, SLU:-, Rensselaer:   1997
Q 175.46 S35 2000 : MONOGRAPH   
      Science and its times : understanding the social significance of scientific discovery / Neil Schlage Colgate Univ.:-, Rensselaer:-   2000
Q 175.5  
      Ke xue yu jin dai sheng huo / Chen Xinbai zhu = Science and modern life / by Chen Seng Park CRL:   1953
      Sotsiologicheskie osnovy nauchnoi deiatelnosti / V. S. Arutiunov, L.N. Strekova CRL:   2003
      Sotsiologiia nauki : stati i referaty / pod redaktsiei S.A. Kugelia CRL:   2000
Q 175.5 A34 : MONOGRAPH; Agassi, Joseph   
      Science and society : studies in the sociology of science / Joseph Agassi Colgate Univ.:-, Vassar:-, RIT:-, Rensselaer:-, Union:-   c1981
Q 175.5 A42 2003 : MONOGRAPH   
      Politicizing science : the alchemy of policymaking / edited by Michael Gough Colgate Univ.:-, SLU:-, USMA:   c2003
Q 175.5 A534 2008 : MONOGRAPH; Andersson, Kjell,   
      Transparency and accountability in science and politics : the awareness principle / Kjell Andersson SLU:   2008
Q 175.5 A67 1987 : MONOGRAPH   
      Anti-racist science teaching / edited by Dawn Gill and Les Levidow Vassar:-   1987
Q 175.5 A67 X 1992 : MONOGRAPH; Appleyard, Bryan.   
      Understanding the present : science and the soul of modern man / Bryan Appleyard. Rensselaer:-   1992
Q 175.5 B37 1962 : MONOGRAPH; Barber, Bernard   
      The sociology of science. Edited by Bernard Barber and Walter Hirsch Vassar:-, SLU:-, Siena:-, Bard:-, Pace:, Le Moyne College:, Cazenovia:   1962
Q 175.5 B38 2001 : MONOGRAPH; Bauer, Henry H   
      Fatal attractions : the troubles with science / Henry H. Bauer Colgate Univ.:-   c2001
Q 175.5 B384 2006 : MONOGRAPH; Bauchspies, Wenda K   
      Science, technology, and society : a sociological approach / Wenda K. Bauchspies, Jennifer Croissant Union:, SLU:, Siena:   2006
Q 175.5 B45 2006 Eb : i; Bell, David,   
      Science, technology and culture [electronic resource] / David Bell RIT:   2006
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